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Troubleshooting tips


When uploading your logo on the bag, you should know that no matter if you upload 1 color logo or multicolor logo, the website will convert it to 1 color design. Also the background, which in most cases is white, will be removed (converted to transparent). This will make the visualization as near as possible to the final result. 
Important notes:
Each design sent to us, will be checked and before printing we will contact you for further approval of the design.
Only one color print for all uploaded element can be made.
Troubleshooting tips
Example of color converting and background removing
Even if you upload multicolor logo, the web site will convert it to one color. We use hot stamping for paper bags personalization and screen print for textile bags.

The logo seems to be not smoothly cut
How it can be solved
To prevent this, you need to upload logo with higher quality (size).

The size of the logo for the test is 100/100 px, or 24,3 KB, which is too small to print. The minimum size of the logo should be at least 500/500 px and over 100 KB. Keep in mind that for each order, the file will be reviewed by us and if it requires additional intervention, our prepress specialist will correct it to obtain the best possible outcome. The file will be sent for approval.

Only one rectangular is visualized. 
How it can be solved
You have to upload logo where the background is consistent color.

The background of the uploaded logo "In Bags" on the right is not in one color and the software is not able to remove the background. The same effect will appear if the background has gradient effect or some photo.


Cotton bag 210 g 55 x 45

Matt paper bag 10+9 x 40+4

Raphia Red